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When Face-to-Face Meetings Aren’t Advisable

At Bradford & Holliman, we already meet with clients by office-to-office video conferencing when mobility, schedules, and geography are issues. The photo shows Melanie Holliman meeting with John Holliman and a client between our two offices in Pelham and Scottsboro.

When we use secure video conferencing platforms, our clients can meet with us and review documents securely on their own computers or digital devices from their own locations.  This process has already been useful for clients who aren’t very mobile, when faraway family members need to be included in legal discussions, and when others such as accountants, financial advisors, other lawyers, and other experts need to be included.

Secure video conferencing will be very useful if COVID-19 gets worse and you want to avoid face-to-face (or hand-to-hand) interaction for a reason no one even considered a few months ago.

Right now, we are deferring face-to-face meetings until after April 6th when we will reassess the COVID-19 situation.  A lot of legal work is done outside of face-to-face meetings, and Bradford & Holliman staff is still on the job.  Of course, signing original legal documents and recording or filing them in the now closed Courthouses will have to be deferred for now.

Just think, you can add video conferencing to your technological expertise, right up there with Facetime and Skype, and impress your kids and grandkids!

When you need our legal services, Bradford & Holliman is ready to help whether by phone, email, fax, paper mail, or by video conference.