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Estate Planning Law

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy and elderly, it is for anyone who owns a home, a life insurance policy, an IRA or other asset, whether there are children or a career is involved.

Life events such as marriages, the birth of a child, or a retirement can cause someone to think about getting an estate plan. The truth is that an estate plan can help anyone.

Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Absolutely, regardless of your wealth, health, or age.  As probate attorneys who handle the final affairs of people who have passed away, we know that those left behind are often confounded with the details of closing someone’s life. In probate, the government decides who gets what. A properly executed estate plan puts you in control of your assets and their transfer to your heirs or others when the time comes. Learn about estate planning tools, wills, trusts, and more on our website.

How Much Does an Estate Plan Cost?

We no longer offer free consultations. There is a $350 consultation fee due at the time of the consultation that will then be applied toward the estate planning package if you move forward with our services.

When is a Good Time to Create an Estate Plan?

Yesterday.  You may wonder if you are too young to have an estate plan. You may want to wait until you have a family or are older. If you wait, you may forfeit the opportunity to learn about wealth accumulation and asset protection strategies you can put into place while you are young and building your life. If you wait, you may forfeit the opportunity to use tax deferment strategies.

Right now is the time to plan for your future. Since we cannot predict when tragedy might occur, wouldn’t it be good to have a plan in place for dealing with it?

Estate Planning Advice

Our estate lawyers use creativity in developing strategies and techniques to build estate plans that adjust to changing circumstances. As your life evolves and changes, so too should your estate plan. Our estate lawyers collaborate with you, your financial advisor, and your accountant to develop a custom estate plan that addresses your situation and will last for years.

Contact Us for Some Peace of Mind

With just a little planning, you can get on the road to protecting your assets, planning your estate, avoiding probate, and minimizing your taxes so you can relax with peace of mind about what will happen should you become incapacitated or pass away.

Contact us here or call 205-663-0281 to schedule a consultation. John Holliman or Melanie B. Holliman (formerly Melanie B. Bradford) will help you with estate planning so you can take care of your nest egg and your loved ones. And, we and our staff will treat you like family.