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Alabama Elder Law

Our Alabama elder law attorneys craft solutions that prevent and deal with elder abuse. We help older adults and their loved ones using Alabama Elder law such as health care powers of attorney, asset management, and long-term care.

Prevent and Eliminate Elder Abuse

In the U.S., financial and physical abuse of older adults has spiked over the last decade.  One in 20 older adults report some form of perceived mistreatment, identifying the perpetrators as relatives, trusted friends, caretakers and strangers.  Many of Alabama’s older adults suffer abuse, neglect and exploitation. A 2014 law strengthened elder abuse penalties in Alabama and provided law enforcement with new tools.

Don’t Leave Life Care Planning to Chance

We go through life hoping everything will fall into place automatically. Then, life happens, and we learn that the pieces don’t always come together. We find ourselves in situations that, in hindsight, could have been prevented. Life care planning is a holistic approach to the practice of elder law that helps families take a proactive approach to chronic illness, disability, and the death of an elderly loved one.

Alabama Elder Law Has Many Facets

Long-Term Care Planning – We can help you understand the components such as private insurance, estate planning, asset protection, Medicare and Medicaid. We will explain how recent changes in the law and future trends affect tomorrow’s long-term care consumer and the best time to obtain long-term care insurance for the lowest rates.

Medicaid and Medicare – Medicare payments for long-term care are limited and cannot be counted on for long-term care benefits. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid pays medical costs and long-term care costs. Medicaid is designed as a payer of last resort. To qualify, you must meet strict financial and other eligibility requirements. The rules governing Medicaid are complex, and frequently change, requiring careful attention in the planning and application for benefits. We help people qualify for Medicaid using asset management techniques, assist with the Medicaid application to get approved faster, and help people overcome Medicaid claims denied.

Veterans Aid and Assistance – We help disabled service members get the long-term care benefits they deserve. Separate from veteran disability benefits, the Veterans Aid and Assistance program helps veterans and their spouses pay expenses related to nursing home, assisted living or home health care.

Asset Protection for the Average Person – Asset protection is not just for the wealthy.  Anyone who owns a home, an IRA, life insurance, or a savings account needs asset protection. When someone passes away, his or her assets may pass to a relative. What most people don’t realize is that individuals and companies today are using legal maneuvers to get what they think they deserve, and in the process, depriving people of their inheritances.

Estate Plans – An estate plan is the best options no matter your age or wealth.  As probate attorneys who handle the final affairs of deceased people, we know that those left behind are often confounded with the details of closing someone’s life. In probate, the government decides who gets what. A properly executed estate plan with the right will or trust puts you in control of your assets and the transference of them to your heirs or others.

Guardianship and Conservatorship – With a guardianship (also be referred to as conservatorship), a guardian or custodian supervises the physical care and health of an individual, known as a ward or protected person.  With a conservatorship, the conservator manages the ward or protected person’s money and property.  One person can hold both roles, but the two roles are separate legal functions.

Social Security Disability Claims Denied – Claims for disability benefits are routinely denied. If your application for SSDI or SSI is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision within 60 days. Having a Social Security disability attorney handle your appeal greatly enhances the probability of getting a denial overturned.

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Our Alabama elder law attorneys examine many aspects of elder life and offer comprehensive approaches with capable and compassionate advice.

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