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Veterans Benefits Planning

Review from Janet Key M. – “John and staff were absolutely wonderful!! Always there to help and answer all questions without hesitation. He even answered questions we didn’t even think about asking!! Have complete confidence in his ability. Made VA benefits process a breeze!!”

Review from Wanda K. – “John helped us with securing VA Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits, which were initially denied. And he also provided me with an estate plan so that met all our needs. I cannot thank him enough.”
October 2018 Changes are still Impacting Families of Veterans

The following information may appear out of date, but the changes from October 2018 made by the Department of Veteran Affairs impacts several types of VA benefits now. A few key changes are:

  • 36-month “look-back” period on use of assets with up to a 5-year penalty period for misuse
  • A maximum net worth of $123,600 for the veteran
  • Changes in how annuities impact benefit calculations
  • No undue hardship provisions
  • New definition for “homestead”, personal effects, and annual income of claimant and certain dependents

If you were planning to transfer assets or file for VA Pension, Aid & Attendance or other VA benefits soon, let us help you build a plan for both your VA benefits and your estate attorney.

Veterans benefits law entitles veterans and certain members of their families to government benefits such as:

  • Long-term care
  • Disability benefits
  • Pensions
  • Home loan guarantees
  • Life insurance
  • Burial

The array of benefits and qualifying for them can be confusing and difficult to navigate, but Holliman & Holliman can help. We guide veterans through the maze of options.

And like all of us, veterans want to preserve assets so they can pass them on to loved ones. We can help set up an estate plan to address healthcare needs and long-term financial plans.

Veterans Aid and Assistance

Veterans have both home-based and community-based options for managing illnesses requiring long-term care. Our attorneys help disabled service members get the long-term care benefits they deserve. Separate from other veteran benefits, the Veterans Aid and Assistance program helps veterans and their spouses pay expenses related to nursing home, assisted living, or home healthcare. The available benefits range from $1,632 to $2,540 a month for a married couple if both spouses are veterans. Here’s a summary of General Qualifications for Veterans Benefits.

Can I Get Veterans Benefits For Help With My Daily Living Needs?

Yes. A veteran and his or her spouse are eligible for benefits that assist with daily living needs.

For those over age 65, the need does not have to be a result of military service.
For those under 65, assistance is available if there is a total disability or a service-related partial disability.

Do VA Benefits and Medicaid Work Together?

Yes. A service member can obtain VA benefits and still remaining eligible for Medicaid benefits. The asset-limit rules for VA benefits are very different from Medicaid eligibility rules. Bradford & Holliman attorneys know the requirements and how to apply for both programs.

Here’s a collection of Q&A from VA Benefit seminars Bradford & Holliman have conducted.

Let Us Help

You are not alone. Call us today at 205-663-0281 to schedule a consultation. John R. Holliman or Melanie B. Holliman (formerly Melanie B. Bradford) will explain the benefits application process, discuss your eligibility, and assist with the application process.