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New Focus on Healthcare Legal Documents

At Bradford & Holliman, we and our legal peers are seeing a major increase in interest in healthcare legal documents and not just from older clients.  People are figuring out that estate planning isn’t just for after death; the documents in a complete estate plan are even more useful when serious health issues occur … such as being in a coma and on a respirator with COVID-19.  Now is a great time to learn more about the technologies that can help us all stay safe and still take care of our legal affairs.

Here are some resources that may help you organize your plans before talking with an experienced estate planning attorney.

Replay of Bradford & Holliman’s March 30th webinar:  Healthcare Documents: What You Need and Why

Article and webinar by WealthCounsel:  Top Three Legal Documents Everyone Needs

Bradford & Holliman: Summary of March 2020 Federal and Alabama state Legislation due to COVID-19

And here at Bradford & Holliman, we have great processes in place to hold family video conferences, email draft documents, handle remote notarizations, and more so that you can stay safe in your home but still take care of your plans, whether you need to set up an initial estate plan or update an existing plan. We continue to offer a free initial consultation, so give us a call at either of our offices in Scottsboro and Pelham.