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Estate Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, and COVID-19 webinar

In this webinar from May 2020 titled Estate Planning, Long-Term Care, and COVID-19, John and Melanie HollimanĀ of Bradford & Holliman discuss:

  • How to complete an estate plan during the pandemic
  • New Alabama laws that allow for remote completion of vital legal documents
  • VA Benefits and long-term care planning
  • Protecting your assets and long-term care planning
  • Crisis Planning – what to do when faced with transitioning to a skilled nursing community

Our clients say ithis webinar content continues to be valuable information as the pandemic continues.

Remember, we provide a free initial consultation by phone or video, and you’ll be surprised how much of the work of updating or creating an estate plan can be handled remotely — or should we say, from the comfort of your own home.

We would be delighted to put our years of legal expertise to work for you!