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How One Thing Led to Another

In our elder law practice, we often find that one thing leads to another.  In this client’s story, an estate planning update led to an initial estate plan that was needed immediately. We appreciate the following vote of confidence from our client, Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) Michael L. Raymo, U. S. Army Retired:

My wife and I first heard John Holliman talk about Elder Law when he spoke at a “Lunch and Learn” program at our church.  From that meeting, we determined that we needed to update our estate designations with a revocable trust rather than a simple will.

When we met with John at his Pelham office, he outlined exactly what we needed so we would avoid probate.  It was one of the most professional presentations and estate planning sessions I have ever been a part of.  John, indeed, knows elder law!

Additionally, while we were setting up our trust, I mentioned that my sister who lived in Michigan was now under hospice care.  I explained to John that she had no will, no durable power of attorney, nor any medical power of attorney or other necessary instructions on the disbursement of her effects after her death.

With John’s help, he expertly investigated and emailed me all the pertinent forms I needed for Michigan to have my sister sign and have notarized before she passed away.

Because of John’s help, I was able to secure executorship approval quickly.

Bottom line – John Holliman was a part of God’s plan to work out every detail perfectly, professionally and better than I could have planned by myself.  Thank you, John!

I highly recommend Bradford & Holliman for any and all elder law needs!